What’s On My Mind

What’s on your mind? That’s a question that most people see when they log into Facebook. That very site allows people to freely say what’s on their mind. The good. The bad and the ugly. But, then again if you ask me what’s on my mind you’d be surprised. 

So… you wanna know what’s on my mind? I’m tired. I’m tired of people saying that they love you and that their there and then turn their backs on you and kick you when your down. I’m tired of seeing people hiding who they are because their afraid if they be their true selves they’ll be rejected. I’m tired of babies being aborted and thrown away like their a piece of trash. I’m tired of purity and morals being seen as a joke because sleeping and living with your significant other is a title of adulthood and if you don’t do that then your wired or you have a problem. I’m tired of Christins ready to tear people apart limb by limb of they don’t dress a certain way or believe the way that they do. I’m tired of parents trying to live threw their children and children trying to grow up to fast but then getting railed on because their not growing up enough. I’m tired of people not taking the time to actually talk to one another face to face and derailing someone because of their race or their relationship status.

Basically as you can see I am worn out to the core because I am tired but because of my relationship with Christ I continue to keep going with this life because it’s very precious and everyone does have something to live for in this big beautiful world that we live in and that my friend is what’s on my mind. 


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