Teenage Self 

​If you could go back.

What would you tell your teenage self?
If you had the opportunity would you?
And tell that boy or girl that it’s ok.
“Just be yourself.”

Predening can only go but so far and then you end up falling and you hit the ground so hard.
If only you could tell your teenage self.

That ten years from now no one is going to care who you where.
Whether you where a loner or popular
But, you weren’t happy with your teenage self.

So as an adult you work hard to change your image because back then you may of felt ugly and limited.

You wasted so much time placing your identity in the wrong hands.
But, you where just a child back then and you didn’t understand your teenage self.

Highschool dosen’t last forever.
After graduation life begins.
Who you are becoming now is not who you where back then.
You can take all that you’ve been through and use it as a lesson that you learned from your teenage self. 


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