Keep Dreaming Girl!   Keep Dreaming! 

As little girls we dare to dream. We dream of what our lives will be. We dream of what we will be. Where we will live. The list goes on and on. But, one of the biggest dream on every little girls mind is who she will marry. We imagine our future guy to be tall. Dark and handsome. Well of course! That’s one of the standard ideas of what we see as attractive when it comes to men. But, sometimes I wonder. What do they think of us as women? What do they really find attractive about us besides our physical and outward appearence. As I’ve gotten older and have had many encounters with guys I have learned a thing or two about what they find so irresistible about us ladies. One of the things may be the way we walk and talk. How we are always take the time to care for others. It’s how we make many sacrifices for our children and how we show so much strength and smile when deep down we want to cry. If your going school. Working, or just doing both and simply living your life freely and independently.

Now of course every guy has his own preference of what he wants in a woman because every guy is different. How sad it is for me to see so many females change themselves  or beat themselves up because they feel like they don’t meet the society standards of beauty. Well let’s face it ladies. We tend to beat ourselves up alot over this very thing. What we see as ugly about ourselves to a man it could be beautiful and unique. So…. How do we as women become a total knock out? By being ourselves. By letting our beauty shine from the inside but not neglecting the outside. Yes! As women we do have the desire to be with someone but we shouldn’t be desperate.

If you’ve been hurt or a relationship just went sour cheer up. Not all guys are chumps. There are still alot of great men out there. To me these men are golden. Rare but they are out there and trust me they are worth waiting for. Just keep God first and be yourself.


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