The Footprints You Left Behind 

​Life comes at you fast that it makes your head spin. You want to give up but you can’t. You must keep going in order to win. But, even though we are in a race life is not a competition it’s just a journey that we are all on where just all going at a different pase and that’s ok. We are all going in different directions and if we all did everything at the same time and at the same pase the world would be rather boring. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in a boring world. That’s why it’s so much more exciting to meet people who are all from different walks of life and are going on their own journey that God has them on. They are confident in the season that their in so I lend my ear a little closer as they talk just to listen. 
Life comes at you fast and it can end very soon. Let’s strive to live every moment in life to the fullest because you could be here today and gone tomorrow and best believe someone will be walking the path of the life that you lead here on earth. 


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