Be You

Our world is fastly moving. Fastly changing to the point where it’s a challenge to keep up. We are constantly breaking our neaks to please the person right next to us. Why? Because deep down where afraid. Where afraid to be different and we want to belong. We want to belong so badly that we’ll do anything in order to have that sence of belonging.

If your not living a certain lifestyle or dressing a certain way than to most of the society your are considered a freak. A loser and just down right lame. But, what’s the point of coloring inside the lines when you can color outside of them. I’d rather be happy with myself because of the choices I’ve made than be happy with mostly everyone and feel miserable.

So don’t be afraid to be different or brave because in the end you will feel stronger and better for it. 


4 thoughts on “Be You

  1. Another wonderful article Shadya! I like how you are able to express yourself, I wonder when I will be this brave too. It’s nice to feel a sense of belonging, but personally I feel a pang of guilt for not being the real me so, thank you for this one again!

    1. You welcome dear! I know right now you are a young teen girl trying to figure out who you are and where you stand in this world. But, keep your head up and know that God already has great plans for you and He will send you the right people in your life and help you be all that you need to be.

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