On The Edge of Thirty 

​Turning thirty was a big deal for me. While most people would of thought of it as, “Oh God!” “I’m getting old!” I saw it as a milestone. While being someone who was born a premie and overcoming obstacles that doctors though would be impossible for me despite their expirations of my mental and physiological state I greatly meet every challenge that came my way. 
While most people my age today have already  had their drivers license I’m learning how to drive and I’m thankful that I’m able to learn and to have the ability to operate a car. While most people my age are married with kids I’m thankful for the freedom to come and go as I please and enjoy seeing my friends and family get married and have children of their own and knowing that someday that will be me. And, while most people my age have already had their first kiss and lost their virginity I just had my very first kiss this past summer but I refuse to sleep with a guy until I’m married.


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