“Why Are You Still Single?”

​”Why are you still single?”

I get asked that all the time.
“You better hurry up!”
“Time is ticking!”
“DO IT!”
Before you reach your prime.

“Why are you still single?”
Where is your husband and do you have any kids?
This is what most women. Not all but most women have to talk about but, for me it’s my relationship with God.
What He has done in my life.
How far He has brought me and what He has already did.

Why are you still single?
You must be secertly gay.

No! I’m not gay.
I was not brought up that way.
I am attracted to men I just choose not to rush into a relationship and dowm the aisle.
Putting God first.
Having high standards is my dating style.

Why are you still single and who do you think you are?
With your small chest and your thin waist it’s no wonder you can get a date.
But, all men are different and have different taste.
Besides, being hardworking, strong and independent is way more attractive than having boobs.
A butt and a pretty face.

Why are you still single and don’t you like to mingle?
Yes I like to greet every person that I meet but just being a WIFE is not my ultimate DESTINY I just want to leave a strong Godly legacy for all the people who know who I am and that come after me.

Why are you still single?
I’ve been asked that before.
Some relationships that I’ve been in where closed off before I would make the mistake by walking to far into that door.

So, when I get asked why are you still single?
No I’m not gay.
No I’m not afraid and yes I like to mingle.
I’m just living my life out for Christ to the best of my ability and preparing myself to be “the one” while I’m in this season of my life as someone who is happily single. 


2 thoughts on ““Why Are You Still Single?”

  1. Wonderful message! For a teen like me, who is single, it is inspiring to see how a woman should see what being single really means. Thank you for this article!

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